The hours posted below reflect our office holiday hours that are different from our normally posted office hours. When our office is closed, we are unavailable to check your pet in or out, so please be sure to plan accordingly. If current holiday hours are not yet posted here, please call the office about any holidays that are coming up. Often our hours will be different on the day of the holiday, the day before and sometimes even the day after, so please ask if you don’t see the information you need here. Our office number is 503-663-3370.

Even if our office is closed on a holiday, staff are always here to care for your pet.


January 1 — closed

January 2 — 1pm – 6pm

Easter Sunday — closed

4th of July — closed

Sunday, May 27 — closed

Sunday, Sept 2 — closed

November 21 — 9am – 3pm

Thanksgiving — closed

November 23 — 3pm – 6pm

December 24 — 9am – noon

Christmas Day — closed

December 26 — 3pm – 6pm

December 31 — 9am – noon