Here are some answers to commonly asked questions about our facility and services. =)


What are your dog kennels like?

Our facility is divided into a small dog section and a large dog section. The large dog kennel runs are 60 square feet and the small dog kennel runs are only slightly smaller. The individual kennels are divided into two sections, a front section where we put their bed and food, and a back run with water and extra space. The front section is heated in the winter, and the back has fresh air but is still entirely sheltered. This back area of the kennel is surrounded by 44″ of cinderblock and topped by 3 feet of metal fencing on top. This arrangement provides private accomodations without any face-to-face contact with their neighbor. The kennels are checked and cleaned multiple times a day.


Where do the dogs go to the bathroom?

Most dogs will figure out that the back of the kennel is a good place for that, but some dogs will also wait for their walk outside to do their business. We do clean out each back run multiple times a day.


My dog is being potty trained, will this bathroom setup cause him to forget his training at home?

No, actually having a run experience trains a dog to make a potty area and a sleeping area. Some dogs (especially puppies) may play or pace in their run area between cleanings as they may still be learning to watch where they step, so it may be a good idea to sign up for a departure bath if you are boarding a rascal. 😉


Can I bring my own food?

Absolutely! In fact, we encourage it by taking a dollar off of your daily boarding charge if you bring your own food. Especially if your pet is sensitive to certain foods or sudden changes in diet, it could be much healthier for your dog to stay on the same food type. However, we do provide Kirkland brand grain-free food with our economy and standard packages, and Blue Buffalo food as a deluxe upgrade.


Do you have bedding?

Yes, we do have blankets and towels that we are more than happy to provide for your pet, however if they have a special blanket, bed or toys, feel free to bring them along! (And just like sending your kid to camp, it might be a good idea to put their name on their belongings!) It is our goal to wash all beds and bedding that you bring along for your pet’s stay. However, please keep in mind that if the bed is too large for your standard-sized laundry machine, it will also be too large for ours. 😉


Why does the Bordetella need to be updated every 6 months if the vet says it expires in a year?

Bordetella is an airborne viral disease and has the possibility of quickly spreading in a dog kennel facility. We require it every six months for three reasons. First off, we would not want any dog in our care to become ill. Secondly, if one of our guests was showing visible signs of Bordetella, we would isolate this guest and may possibly need to interrupt our services in order to disinfect our entire facility. Finally, we have been very fortunate to not have had any Bordetella issues in the past, which we attribute to our high standards of cleaning and continuous supply of fresh air. We are making every attempt to keep this impeccable track record going long into the future.


Will you board (insert any animal other than cat or dog)

Typically the answer is no. We have made a rare exception for existing customers with easy-going animals with clear and simple instructions, keeping in mind that dogs and cats are what we know and understand. If you believe that your pet would be one that we could care for and these other policies line up, please give the office a call, but bear in mind that the answer will most likely be no, because it lands outside of our comfort zone with our staff and facility setup.


My pet requires a shot while boarding, are you able to administer it?

No, we do not give any shots to dogs or cats, including insulin shots. You may want to try contacting a vet for boarding there.


My pet needs a vaccination to stay with you and I’d like to administer it myself. How much can you help me?

This is not something we encourage or are comfortable helping you with. We cannot touch the vaccination to the animal. For these reasons and other health concerns we typically do not recommend this route, and would suggest contacting a vet instead. There are a couple reasons for this. The first reason is that most vaccinations take 3-5 days to be fully effective for the protection of your pet and the safety of those already lodging with us. The second reason we do not help with your vaccinations is for the safety of our staff.


My pet needs extra attention and someone watching all the time, with constant human interaction.

We do have a lot of services available for your pet! We are happy to add on additional activities during your pet’s stay to give them more interaction time. For a list of our services and rates, follow this link: (Link to Rates and Services).


That’s nice, but my pet needs non-stop interaction/24 hour supervision.

It sounds like your pet requirements fall outside of the scope of our business. You may want to contact a house sitter or a vet if this is the case. We’ll miss you!


Do you have someone on site 24/7?

We do not have an employee in the building overnight, but the owners do live on site. Before we leave, we always make sure all the pets are all tucked in for the night and we check on them first thing in the morning! Our owner also does a late evening check on all the pets to make sure that everything is in order for both our peace of mind as well as yours.


What do you do for pets with separation anxiety?

We check in on the pets many times a day and keep track of how they’re doing. During activities, a trained employee is there constantly, giving them 100% of their attention. If you can, it would also be a good idea to send your pet along with something familiar, whether this is bedding, a t-shirt or a toy. For pets, saying a quick, calm goodbye helps them worry a lot less. Between both your efforts and our consistent care, we make every effort to keep our guests happy!


Can I leave my pet kennel here?

Yes! However, we charge $1 a day per kennel. We do grant exceptions to this is if the carrier is small enough to fit in the front section of the dog kennel and will be used as the dog’s bed.