Do you need a daytime solution for your dog?

Is your dog bored, anxious or destructive when home alone?

Does your dog get the appropriate amount of exercise each day?

Does your dog enjoy being around people and other dogs?

Do you feel guilty leaving your dog alone most of the day?

Camp Countryside Dog daycare


We are excited to offer a loving daycare program for your socialized dog. Camp Countryside provides periods of active playtime for your dog interspersed with periods of quiet rest time, so that your pup doesn’t get overstimulated, but gets just the right amount of social playtime with other carefully screened dogs and a well-trained and attentive staff. Our facility currently boasts a large 7,000 square foot outdoor play yard with grassy areas, shady areas, and a splash zone. When the weather isn't nice for outdoor play, we bring the dogs into our newly renovated 2,000 square foot indoor play room with play structure and separate play areas for large and small dogs!

Good candidates for daycare are healthy, spayed or neutered, and well-socialized dogs who really enjoy other dogs and seek interaction with them at every opportunity. Young dogs often adjust to the daycare environment better than older ones. If your dog is a regular at dog parks, and she plays a lot and enjoys herself there, then daycare is probably an ideal environment for her. If your dog is still a puppy and you would like him to become socialized, then daycare may be a good option for him.

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Why are some dogs not a good fit?

Socialized daycare is not for everyone. Just because a dog isn't a good fit for daycare doesn't mean he/she isn't a great family dog! Some dogs simply enjoy the company of people over other dogs, and that's perfectly fine. We provide daytime solutions for these dogs too!

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We're located at 7769 SE 282nd Ave. Gresham, Oregon. 503-663-3370.